How I met Agile

My first real-world-pace documentation assignment as technical writer was with a remote scrum team. Before this assignment, the stories that I heard from seasoned writers had instilled in me the idea that, although my job would be interesting and useful, I would inevitably be seen as the annoying team member who prevents other brilliant team members … Continue reading How I met Agile


RivieraDev 2017

On May 11, two things happened: - it was the first day of the annual RivieraDev conference - Lunarbaboon published a comic about nerds Coincidence? I think not! I had the pleasure and privilege of attending the conference, and the comic about sums it up for me. Here are some take aways: APIs rock - literally There was … Continue reading RivieraDev 2017

Will you draw me an abstract concept?

Every time I tried to educate myself on the Java language in the past, I couldn't get past the first couple of paragraphs. The concepts that you need to grasp to get started in Java are not only legions, but they are also mostly abstract, and they are surprisingly rich in synonyms. They even live freely in … Continue reading Will you draw me an abstract concept?


Learning a (programming) language

The idea of developing new skills or to level-up in existing ones is exciting. But the act of learning can be a tedious process. I majored in applied languages and studied English and Japanese. For both languages, I observed a pattern on the amount of fun that I had compared to how advanced I was on the … Continue reading Learning a (programming) language


Going on an adventure

There's a short, hairy fellow who once said "I'm going on an adventure!" and the story says it was the best decision he ever made in his life. The story exaggerates a little, but it's allowed to do that because it's a story, and great stories that are worth hearing need a hero who makes … Continue reading Going on an adventure