Linguist by training, curious by nature, my official job is to be a technical writer. I love hiking, but I have to put this activity on hold for several months. So in the meantime I’ve decided to go on a different kind of adventure and hike through a different kind of landscape: I’m going to learn how to build things with code.

Technically, where do I start this journey from? I know how to use basic HTML, XML and CSS. I had a class on PHP at some point at university, but what remains of it is the blurry shadow of a memory because I never used PHP again after that. I had a couple of opportunities to put my hands in codebases at work to update or add contextual help here and there in JavaScript and Java. I can work with a simple flow in Git. I can find my way in Filezilla. I went to a sort of hackathon once, where I discovered Sass and linters, but I couldn’t set these things up to save my life. That’s about it.

When you’re learning a craft, writing a journal is one way to keep track of your progress. By doing so publicly, I hope I’ll encounter some fellow hikers on the way, and that we can learn with and from each other.